100 Realizations from 100 Days of Sobriety

100 Realizations from 100 Days of Sobriety

On December 31st I took my last drink. I planned this for months, yet as I dumped the rest of my last bottle of pinot noir down the drain in my kitchen that New Year’s Eve, I knew I was beginning a new chapter; an opportunity to get to know my true self completely sober.

Yesterday I celebrated 100 days of sobriety. Here are 100 realizations I’ve learned in my experience during this short time period of living clearly:

  1. Life is precious..seriously
  2. Clear thinking is unbelievable
  3. Waking up without a hangover is amazing
  4. Conversations are more meaningful
  5. My friendships are more valuable to me
  6. Sex is better
  7. My skin glows
  8. My digestion has improved
  9. If I have a dry mouth it is because I am thirsty, not because I am hungover
  10. I speak clearly and concisely
  11. I CAN dance sober
  12. I am more comfortable being vulnerable
  13. I have more time to do the activities I love
  14. I exercise a lot more
  15. I have more money
  16. Sober treats are wonderful
  17. My eczema is disappearing off my eyelids
  18. I realized I have sort of a dysfunctional relationship with sugar
  19. I still have the desire to drink every so often
  20. Sometimes I am uncomfortable explaining that I don’t drink to other people
  21. I am genuinely happy for no reason (this is a big one)
  22. My anxiety levels are much lower
  23. I am not as irritated about little things
  24. Beautiful mornings have so much more meaning
  25. I meditate regularly
  26. I get goosebumps knowing I have come so far
  27. Alcohol smells like poison now
  28. My organization skills rock (I now use a calendar to plan things I want to do)
  29. I published a self-care article on Mind Body Green
  30. I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School
  31. I don’t know what my business will be yet but it will definitely be awesome
  32. I have been blogging and writing more than I ever have
  33. Some Friday nights are spent practicing restorative yoga
  34. I am real with myself–I feel all my feelings
  35. My sleep quality has improved greatly
  36. I am kinder to myself
  37. I enjoy daytime activities more than ever
  38. Brunch!
  39.  My running has improved. I am faster than before
  40. I love coffee
  41. Evening salt baths are a must for my self-care
  42. Gluten and dairy bother my stomach
  43. My face looks healthy. No puffiness or inflammation
  44. Friends assume I am the designated driver and that’s ok
  45. I have the desire to go out and dance more than ever
  46. My mid section is 3 inches smaller
  47. I dropped 7 pounds
  48. I work with a personal trainer twice a week
  49. Focusing is easy at work
  50. I follow through on the things I say I am going to do
  51. Relationships are more intimate
  52. I truly listen to what my husband is saying
  53. Life is more fun sober (Trust me I used to think this was bullshit too)
  54. Some people don’t understand why I don’t drink and that’s ok
  55. I journal more when I am having a rough day
  56. I used to wake up some mornings feeling dread. Not anymore!
  57. Food tastes better
  58. My husband and I are planning a Hawaii trip
  59. I am no longer consuming an extra 400-800 calories daily from drinking wine
  60. Its nice not having to worry about how I am going to get home at night
  61. Did I mention clear thinking? If not, I am mentioning it again
  62. What felt impossible when I was drinking now feels possible
  63. Freedom!
  64. I feel a lot more accomplished
  65. Facebook was overwhelming me so I gave it up for Lent
  66. Instagram is amazing
  67. Cooking meals is more of a mindful process
  68. I now think before I say something I may regret
  69. Life isn’t always wonderful but it is REAL
  70. Uncomfortable feelings don’t last as long as they used to
  71. My overall stress levels are lower
  72. I look younger
  73. I make time for moisturizing my skin every night
  74. Natural highs used to be rare. Now I feel them several times a day
  75. I choose not to hold grudges
  76. I am in the driver’s seat. I am in control of my life
  77. Calmness takes on a whole new meaning with sobriety
  78. No regrets about something I said or did the previous night
  79. No more spilling red wine everywhere or all over my clothes
  80. I wouldn’t be able to do this all alone. I hired a health coach my first 3 months
  81. The simple things in life mean so much more to me now
  82. The future actually feels brighter
  83. I am seeing better physical results with my workouts
  84. Saunas are therapeutic
  85. Sticking with my choice to stay sober gets easier each day
  86. I am in more control of my finances
  87. Headaches are rare because I am no longer suffering from hangovers
  88. I am less bloated
  89. I actually like the pictures of myself now
  90. I am reading more books
  91. I started a sugar detox program
  92. I completed a 21 day meditation challenge
  93. My mind is sharper. I don’t forget things as often
  94. Healthy eating is more of a priority
  95. I am listening closer to my intuition
  96. I am truthful with myself and everyone around me
  97. I am more patient
  98. Material possessions are no longer as important as they used to be
  99. I have slowed down significantly. I am no longer always in a rush
  100. Each sober day keeps getting better and better over time

I can probably go on for another 100 realizations I’ve made but I will stop here for now. What kind of realizations has sobriety brought you?


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